About Palermo Pizza

The Making of an American Dream…Palermo Pizza

Palermo PizzaAndrew L Vitale Sr. was nothing if not determined. In 1962 the Kelvinator employee at the age of 22 opened a small pizza shop on Grandville Avenue in Grand Rapids. Andrew worked full time at Kelvinator while building his business. With his great recipes, Andrew built a business that has become a

Andrew worked full time at Kelvinator while building his business. With his great recipes, Andrew built a business that has become a well-known part of the fabric of life in the Grand Rapids area, even outlasting Kelvinator itself, once one of the areas largest employers. Also,  Andrew became a well-respected leader in the Grand Rapids area. He taught and rewarded the hard work of the people who worked with him as he built his business.

In addition, Andrew also gave back to the community that loved his pizza so much by lending his success to hundreds of young people who played team sports under the Palermo Pizza name, as well as supporting numerous causes throughout the community. He retired in 2000 leaving an extraordinary legacy to his two sons, Andrew Jr. and Anthony.

Tony and Andy are now committed to expanding their father’s dream as they expand Palermo Pizza. We now have seven independently operated stores. …And how can they go wrong? Andrew Sr taught his sons from an early age the secrets of success…A great secret sauce recipe, a commitment to quality, a love of family and community and lots of hard work. In other words, he taught his kids the same thing he taught hundreds of others, the American Dream there for each of us…So work hard and live your dreams…

What is a large Pizza?

Are you tired of baby sized pizza? At Palermo Pizza our large pizza is a 24-inch giant. It’s nearly the size of three large at Dominos or Pizza Hut. Each slice is a foot long and loaded with quality toppings. We believe to call any pizza smaller than 24 inches “large”, is misrepresentation.

How many times have you ordered a large pizza from other places only to be disappointed by some wimpy, baby sized pizza. Calling a 14 inch pizza large is like calling a Yugo a luxury car. Don’t be fooled. Our medium is 16 inches. That’s an extra-large to most pizza stores. It has a pound of cheese and 12 tasty slices. If you feel brave, weigh this pizza against any 2 large pizzas at bargain pizza joints. You’ll find that 2 for 1 deals are really no bargain at all! Palermo Pizza Our 12 inch pizza is a small.

We call it a small because it is! Why does everyone else call it a medium? Ask them. It will feed any two people, has 8 slices, and is loaded with cheese and toppings. Guess what? Because we load it up so much it’s heavier than most 14 inch pizzas and more filling. Why pay more for a skimpy 14 inch pizza that’s “Less Filling” when you can buy a Palermo Pizza that “Tastes Great”

Our Ingredients


TomatoesOur pizza sauce begins with a small group of dedicated growers who cultivate select tomato varieties in the fertile soil of California’s San Joaquin Valley, a region famous for its agriculture. These growers carefully nurture and harvest their tomatoes to Palermo Pizza exacting standards. Our tomatoes are always vine-ripened to a vibrant red, picked with the greatest of care and packed within hours of harvest. And unlike our competitors, tomato products preservatives are NEVER added. As a result, the final products are tantalizing in color, and so true to the sweet taste of fresh tomatoes, you would think they were just picked from the vine.


No Palermo Pizza is complete without loads of 100% real mozzarella cheese. Our mozzarella blend mixes Wisconsin cheese to create the perfect pizza. If you’re fed up with pizza that’s skimpy on cheese, Palermo Pizza is the answer. Take the Palermo Pizza challenge and compare our mozzarella in taste and portion to any other pizzeria.


Only the best tasting pepperonis qualify for our pizza. Our Palermo brand pepperoni is the “Cadillac” of pepperoni in our industry. Taste our pepperoni and you’ll taste the reason why it makes our pizza #1.


So many pizza places use a water added or ham substitute on their pizza. At Palermo’s Pizza, we use real ham made with our own taste profile to assure great flavor. It’s smoked flavor is perfect to compliment our pizza. The truth is most pizzerias use a spam like product for ham while Palermo Pizza uses the best quality available.


We use only fresh vegetables. We cut them up in our stores to make sure they’re fresh. You can see and taste the freshness in our pies.


Are you a meat lover? If you’re buying meat on your pizza at other pizza stores you’ll be surprised to know you’re paying for soybeans. Palermo’s Pizza uses real ground beef and Italian sausage on our pizza. We feel the other stuff is gross and compares to rabbit food or worse. To call it meat is worse than an exaggeration, it’s lying. We don’t degrade our pizza with cheap food. Let your taste buds be the proof.